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Our goal is to help clients to adopt and sustain healthy, evidence-based lifestyle changes which have been shown to prevent and reverse common chronic diseases. Click below to learn more!

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In a society which is dealing with epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses, people are beginning to recognize the importance of incorporating lifestyle changes into their lives in order to achieve long-term health. Arguably, the foods we choose to nourish our bodies have the greatest influence on our longevity.

Traditional healthcare models in our country prioritize the use of medications and surgical procedures to prevent and treat chronic disease. Financial reimbursement and quality metrics have a much greater focus on these aspects of medicine than they do lifestyle. Additionally, very few healthcare providers are familiar with the vast number of evidence-based studies which demonstrate the powerful influence of food and other lifestyle measures in promoting, preventing, and reversing chronic disease. 

Further complicating matters is that many patients prioritize weight loss by whatever means possible, even if this involves a diet that may promote chronic disease. These patients receive mixed nutritional guidance from their healtcare providers and dieticians, often leading to confusion, frustration, and futility. 

At Vibrant Beat, our goal is to provide a consistent philosophy to our clients based on the principles of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition to regular exercise, stress reduction, and sleep hygiene, we want to educate patients on the healthiest eating patterns that have been proven to promote longevity and vibrancy. 

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